From Gloom to Beacon Light

Why does a man die? The conundrum has been haunting every intellectual mind ever since the advent of human civilization – eventually every living being reconciling  itself to its lot of mortality. But when a strong, well-built young man dies all of a sudden, apparently showing no sign of his body organisms going phut, the question gives a hard stare at our face, particularly at the medical scientists who boast of having taken significant strides in medical treatment over the centuries.

This was the question that perturbed the minds of two brothers, Dr. Uma Shankar Tiwari and Prof. Shiva Shankar Trivedi, when in January, 1965, their healthy, strong and sturdy younger brother Daya Shankar Tiwari died in Delhi within eight days of falling ill, without his ailment being diagnosed or without he being given any proper treatment.

A hard, shocking truth was yet awaiting  them in Delhi where they went to apprise themselves of the cause of their dear brother’s demise.

Young Daya Shankar was in the army and naturally he was treated by a team of army doctors. When the two brothers met the  doctor who led the team, the latter made a shocking revelation. Kind and humanitarian by nature, the doctor consoled them, but added, “We cannot diagnose diseases, we do not treat diseases, we have no curative medicines for any disease – so we cannot claim to cure any disease. We simply test, treat and try to pacify the symptoms and maintain the biochemistry of the living organisms. How can we say as to what disease your dear brother had suffered from?”

Indeed a startling and shocking revelation! The inefficacy of the medicinal treatment stunned the two brothers. They soon realized that the very basis of the preparation and  composition of all medicines were drugs and poisons. The more the medical science advanced, the more was the use of drugs and poisons. Drugs and poisons are by nature disease-creating and are veritable agents of death. How could they, therefore, be turned into curatives for diseases?

This realization virtually was the turning point in the lives of the two brothers, both teachers by profession. A desire silently germinated  in their hearts, which soon took the shape of a solemn pledge and ultimately it became the summum bonum of their lives to work in search of the science of cures and curative medicines. Thus D. S. Research Centre  came into existence and thus began an arduous adventure in which a whole family turned into a research organization – with all the members ardently devoted to the great cause.

The exciting and arduous adventure eventually led the brother scientists to the doorway of a new ERA – an era that heralds the glitter of sunshine.

The brothers have succeeded in revolutionising and changing the whole spectrum of hitherto existing efforts and tradition of treatment. The new era is characterised by the evolution of a novel principle, emergence of a new direction, a new dimension and invention of cures and curative medicines, of new sets of harmless medicines for various diseases and unprecedented results of success. The scientists wished to give wide circulation to  the newly achieved principle, but all their efforts were nothing but a cry in the wilderness.

But what is the novel principle that the scientists have evolved and what is the basis of the preparation of medicines?

In this connection the scientists of D. S. Research Centre talk of ‘Nutrient Energy’ and ‘Conscious Chemistry’, conscious evolution of life and functioning of conscious metabolism. They emphasised that natural human edibles were the only sources and reservoirs of preventives and curatives and  believed that the nutrient energy was the  only way out for maintaining and developing  the health conditions of human beings as it strengthened the immunity system and increased the power of resistance against  unfavourable conditions that caused diseases and ailments. But the mindset that  was tuned over the past several centuries to the constantly revolving wheels of the principle of drug therapies was not prepared to accept the findings of the scientists.

Thereafter, the scientists tried to establish their theory with living examples of unprecedented successes of cure from many simple as well as complicated chronic diseases. But all went in vain. At last in 1982 the scientists took up the challenge of conquering cancer, the most dreadful threat to the very existence of the whole human race. They were convinced by now that cancer was basically a single disease  despite its occurrence in different parts and  systems of human organism. Their experiences also convinced them that a curative medicine could certainly work as a preventive as well. Going by their researches, they were sure that the cause of cancer was extreme deviation in metabolism of human organism and this deviation might be removed only with the help of nutrient energy.

But to dare the most dreaded demon – cancer that is – was no ordinary matter in  itself. The confident scientists, however, had  no dithering, for they had already done a lot of research on edibles and now they decided to combine nutrient energy extracted from  1621 human edibles and prepare ‘SARVAPISTI’ – the wonder medicine for all   types of cancer. Now the time came for trying and proving of this medicine. It was not an easy job, for all the renowned cancer hospitals nodded in the negative to lend a  co-operating hand in this respect. At last, it was decided to apply ‘Sarvapisti’ on terminally ill patients who had been sent  back home by hospitals as being beyond   the limits of any treatment, but not before  destroying the patients’ physical vitality    and inner immunity system by the application   of dangerous chemo drugs and poisons. The   work was certainly tough for a simple Indian   family organisation. The pace was obviously   slow, but never disheartening as the scientists had unprecedented successes behind them to inspire them in their war against cancer.

As the campaign moved ahead, cancer of all  forms and stages – acute leukemia, liver cancer, cancer of gall bladder Ca. Sarcoma of bones, Astrocytoma of brain and other types of cancer of brain, cancer of stomach   and Oesophagus, cancer of pancreas and dangerously advanced metastatic cases – were cured. Today, thousands of human being are living a healthy life as burning examples of Sarvapisti’s positive capability  and these living results would themselves speak the language of life – life that is healthy, cancer-free ‘plus’ life.

D. S. Research Centre has published three   books – ‘Cancer Harne Laga Hai’ in Hindi, ‘Cancer is Curable Now’ in English and ‘Cancer Parajita Aaj’ in Bengali. While the  Hindi edition contains evidential and scientific details of one-hundred cancer victors, the other two edition contain 111 such eases each. These are not merely tomes to be read only, but they bear a call, an invitation, a   message to all scientists, doctors,  intellectuals working for the welfare of  humanity to come forward to further develop  this novel principal, give momentum to the movement started by D. S. Research Centre  to wipe out not only cancer, but all other diseases from the face of the earth and create an atmosphere of health and stability in Human society.

No disease is incurable, be that a simple one or a malignant one like cancer or one like AIDS. It cannot be the fate of any living  organism to suffer from a disease till its end. It may be mentioned here that stray incidence of cure from cancer did happen in the past, but even intense investigation just  could not get to the cause these cures and the disease has remained as mysterious as ever. But yet these flashes of undefined cures were significant enough to assure the researchers that cancer could be conquered.

Nothing has, however, remained mysterious  or enigmatic to the scientists of D. S. Research Centre. They have been able to  cure thousands of cancer patients – even terminally advanced cases of all types of the disease. As stated above, that has been  possible by evolving a new principle of  therapy with a scientific approach. These scientists have been able to define the very basis of diseases and have invented many curative medicines for various diseases after long scientific researches. They have, indeed, revolutionised the pattern of  medicinal treatment from the level of theory to the level of practice.

In the course of their result-oriented experiments and provings these scientists have redefined ‘ANNA’ (molecules charged  with consciousness) as the foundation of the origin and evolution of life. They have  worked on a novel principle of chemistry which they call ‘Conscious Chemistry’.  ‘Conscious Chemistry’, they define, is the chemistry, planned, programmed, disciplined, governed, motivated and propagated by consciousness and it is this chemistry that runs the chemistry of living organisms. They have also redefined metabolism as a conscious phenomenon, evolving itself to  create different species of life and then  multiplying itself again to govern conscious chemistry in numberless units of life.

A passing mention of the principle may  make things more obscure, so better defer the discussion till the publication of the book, ‘Conscious Chemistry’ by D. S. Research Centre. To sum up the practical aspect of  nutrient energy, the scientists say, “Nutrient  Energy is the sole prescription of Nature for  keeping up health, resisting unfavourable condition of and curing ailments. Our food is  the reservoir of nutrient energy”.