At initial stages people were in a fix to see the unprecedented successes in rooting out cancer.

But gradually they became heartened with hope which was soon transformed into reliance on the science of Nutrient Energy.

When they were sure that the process of treatment and medication of cancer was  indeed a reality, they began to put a sort of affectionate pressure on D. S. Research Centre to widen their area of research on curative medicines for other diseases also  so that the new science could be based on a firm ground. Their demands have made D. S. Research Centre decide to begin trials on  following medicines from January 1, 2001.

Spandan Hriday
(For Heart problems)
The Nutrient Energy medicine for heart problems and heart-related complications.
Nari Ojas (For Female diseases)The Nutrient Energy medicine for female diseases and making women’s health full of vigour and vitality.
Manasa (For Mental problems)The medicine for removing anxiety, tension, etc. so that the human mind may become cheerful, active and self-reliant.
Pachan Ojas (A Digestive energy)It makes digestion system normal and healthy and helps remove many digestion-related ailments.
Snayu Ojas (For Neuro problems)The Nutrient Energy medicine to remove all diseases due to adverse effects of anxiety and drugs and make the nervous system strong and healthy. This medicine also works in ameliorating sciatica.
Shwas Ojas (For Breathing problems)The Nutrient Energy medicine to cure asthma, bronchitis and breathing-related diseases.
Kantha Ojas (For Energizing Throat-Functions)The medicine for cure of diseases of throat, larynx, pharynx, oesophagus, vocal cord, caused by pollution and adverse effects of drugs.
Pratirakshak (A Preventative)The immunity and resistance power within the body protect human being from diseases.

Nutrient Energy is the only medium through  which this power can be improved and developed to give disease-free life to  mankind. The resistance power has to be improved to combat serious diseases like AIDS as well as many other common ailments ‘Pratirakshak’ is a highly reliable  preventive of the Nutrient Energy group.