The Darkness

Be it a chronic disease or a malignant one, a person entrapped into either of these is destined to remain ensnared in it till his last breath. No medication  has ever succeeded in breaking this deadlock. Medical treatment rather  adds itself as an essential chronic enchaining. It is like this, because  medicines are incapable of treating the basic disease, which works at the central regime of life and goes on deranging the biochemistry of the Physique continuously. Medicines simply try to maintain or readjust this disturbed chemistry from time to time, trying to grant only temporary relief to the sufferer. Hence a medical practitioner is called a physician, treating the body in place of the disease. 

The basic cause behind all these failures is the principle of drugs. All the prevailing medical sciences, without any exception, develop and prepare, their medicines from only toxic and poisonous substances selected from the vegetable kingdom, minerals or chemicals. Therapies have been alternated  in their postures and manners of applying these drugs, but the drug principle has remained unaltered. It is self-evident that every bit of every  drug on being inserted into the chemistry of life invariably decreases vitality, deviates metabolism, stunts creative growth and corrupts the all – important chemistry of living organism. How then can a cure be expected  from these disease – creating drugs? Treating diseases with these drugs, therefore, entails great risk. Obliviously it has become a matter of  compulsion on all medical professionals to be properly trained, then obtain licenses and legal registration before pursuing their profession. However, inspite of such restrictions and strict surveillance more than one million  people are being killed and millions more are being dragged into grave disease-conditions every year due to missing in prescribing and applying these drugs. And that in itself is a great tragedy.

The most disappointing and ruthless truth is that none of these drugs can ever cure or prevent any disease, be it a simple ailment or a malignant one, while every drug has capacity to establish every disease.  Ironically,  medical scientists and professionals have never been allowed to ever   whisper about having developed any curative or preventive medicine from drugs. While maintaining this disciplinary clause, scientists and doctors have also been anxious to get rid of this suffocative dependence on poisons which not only invite risks but also put all medicalmen in fetters.  Yet, this stonewalled captivity could not be broken and hence restrictions, prohibitions and cautions continue to exist.

Across the Darkness

But  D. S. Research Centre has, quite for some time now, been announcing unhesitatingly and uninterruptedly words like “THE ERA OF CURES AND CURATIVE MEDICINES HAS ARRIVED,” “CANCER IS CURABLE NOW” and “INCURABILITY CANNOT BE THE NATURE OF ANY DISEASE”. The scientists of the centre have also been claiming to have cured thousands of terminally advanced patients of cancer, regardless of its type, form or stage and that also with the help of only one medicine. How then is it that not a word of protest or challenge has been raised against them in the face of wide restrictions, prohibitions and cautions? Have all these become inapplicable in the case of the scientists of D. S. Research Centre?

The search for satisfying answers to all such questions brings us before two points:

(1) The scientists of D. S. Research Centre are bold enough to announce their point of view because they have successive and glaring results of success  of CURES and CURATIVES. The scientific evidences and proofs that they put forward may be studied and challenged but cannot be denied or ruled out  any way. The volume “CANCER IS CURABLE NOW” is itself a scientific declaration – quite bold and balanced – and is a valid documentation as well.

(2) These scientists have not come forward in any new therapeutical grab under the same “PRINCIPLE OF DRUGS AND POISONS”. They have rather  arrived with a new idea, a novel concept and principle, with unprecedented proofs and results and have thus revolutionized the whole spectrum of medical treatment – from medicinal base to fruitful cures. And so now there is.

Can We Deny This Truth?
If a medicine is not a curative to a disease, it can never be preventive to that disease. Power to cure a disease is the only touchstone for any medicine to verify its preventive property. Till date the medical world had no curatives, so it had no preventives as  well.


Salient features of the Revolutionary ERA

1) The novel approach: Now we have entered the era of conscious chemistry, far beyond the compass of organic, inorganic, bio or micro – bio chemistries.

2) The medium of medicines: The scientists of D. S. Research Centre extract Nutrient Energy from human edibles, food substances, aliments and nutritive and prepare their medicinal doses from that Nutrient Energy.

3) The field of action: Nutrient Energy normalises the Conscious Chemistry and removes any deviation of metabolism, where diseases establish themselves or where the risk of diseases establish themselves or where the  risk of diseases striking the body chemistry may appear. Here the two-pronged purpose of preventing and curing diseases is met simultaneously. Prevention and cure are the two aspects of the same action. Nutrient Energy works at the very root of diseases where drugs are unable to penetrate without destructing the life system. Drugs work only at the superficial biochemical and symptomatic levels and that too with great risks just to provide some temporary relief to the patient.

4) Application of medicinal doses sans risk: Medicinal doses prepared  by charging the media of natural human aliments with Nutrient Energy are quite acceptable to the life system and the application of these favorable  and harmless doses is as easy and natural as a mother feeds and nurses   her offsprings. There remains no fear or hesitation of any side-effect or after effect, reaction and overdosing. Every bit of Nutrient Energy helps in  smooth multiplication of physical vitality.

5) Patients need not  be carried to clinics and hospitals: Since it is now the era of treating diseases, physical presence of patients in clinics or hospitals is not at all required. Rather, this is discouraged. Now medicinal  doses are sent directly to patients so that they can have them by their bed-side at home.

All trials and provings by D.S. Research Centre have been completed in this pattern. Even ‘Sarvapisti’ the cancer- curative has been tried in this very way.

The new era will fortify vitality, immunity and conscious chemistry against  disastrous environmental germs, bacteria and viruses.


And When The Eastern Sky Is Crimson Can The Day Be Far Off?

Days are approaching fast when bondages like incurability, chronicity and malignancy of diseases will be broken in one stroke, fetters of restrictions and surveillance on our medical men will depart, physicians will be upgraded to the rank of DOCTORS treating and curing diseases, the work of searching medicines will be shifted from poison – stores to our kitchens, risks of medications will vanish for all, treatment will turn dynamic and potent and human race will enter the era of disease-freeness.