D.S. Research Centre is strictly devoted to  its work of researches, experiments and provings of medicines under the principle of ‘Conscious Chemistry and Nutrient Energy’.

Its invented medicines are applied on cases registered with this centre and are provided to patients to observe their positive responses and results. No dose of this Nutrient Energy Therapy is given to any seller, agent or institution for distribution.

The medicines are made directly available for the patients under prescribed terms and conditions, from only the units of D. S. Research Centre at strictly controlled Research and Development Cost (no sale, so not a price). 

D. S. Research Centre is a premier research institute developing Nutrient  Energy Science in India.

D.S. Research Centre was established in  the year of 1965 under the auspices of Dr. Uma Shankar Tiwari and Prof. Shiva Shankar Trivedi. Today it has two units, one at  Varanasi (U.P.) another at Calcutta (W.B.). Varanasi the holy city of Hindu religious faith for centuries works today as the main  research and administrative centre.

D. S. Research Centre is a family organisation. All the members of the family  are religiously devoted to the advancement  of research work.

Prof. S. S. Trivedi is Head of the organisation and the family. A scholar, philanthropist, scientist and above all a dynamic leader – it is he, who directs the team of scientists, who work under his guidance.

‘Sarvapisti’ is the name of the cancer-curative medicine which has been invented, tried and proved by the scientists of this research centre. During its trial this medicine has successfully cured more than a  thousand cancer patients, who are now leading healthy, normal, cancer-free plus life year after year.


D. S. Research Centre has its own  publication division ‘Sachetan Prakashan’.

Latest books are in the circulation.

  • ‘Cancer Is Curable Now’ in English.
  • ‘Cancer Harne Laga Hai’ in Hindi.
  • ‘Cancer Parajita Aaj’ in Bengali.

These authentic books are available in the centre.

Unique Method of application: Patients need not come to this centre.

We send the medicines directly to patients after registering their names against their previous test and treatment reports and then after receiving their progress reports with order for their further requirements. The  patients may choose to collect their required instalments of medicines through their appointed representatives on the basis of  their reports.