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Scientific Journey of Sarvapisti
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It has taken four decades to come to a stage, when we can erase the fear of cancer from the minds of mankind. Innumerable tests and experiences with patients have convinced us today that Nutrient Energy can help people fight cancer and save lives from the clutches of death. Nutrient energy has gifted a healthy life to 3,000 cancer patients and we are proud about the fact.
 Scientific Journey of Sarvapisti
The continuity of success reports of 'Sarvapisti' as cure for cancer has been placed before you. Everything is crystal clear. Introduction has been made, the path ahead is well lighted and the ground of possibilities is also well prepared. What is required is resolution, determination.


Lot of reports of complete cure from cancer were heard now and then in the past. On some occasions it appeared medicine was behind the cure, on some others it looked like as if some changes in the life styles of the patients were the reasons. Investigations and researches were pursued placing many other patients under similar medicines or conditions. But never was the success story repeated. Had it been so, a system of treatment would have developed. Repetition and continuity are the backbone of science. But limited and minimum success has also some significance. They clearly assure that cancer can be conquered. The need is to make the research more extensive and detailed. Despite centuries of vain scientific efforts, search has been on for continuity of results.
  2. In all cures of cancer a single medicine had a role to play. This medicine was not acquired suddenly. It was the result of years of scientific researches and practical inferences. The idea was new.
    The decision was new and the outlook was new too. The results were unprecedented. Never before were such results achieved from any efforts of treatment. Modern medical treatment has floundered failing to move an inch ahead. But the scientists at D.S. Research Centre have discerned a new clue on the horizon. Progress generally means every step falling on newer ground. Everything might appear unknown, but once some powerful scientific method has been found out, that situation would change. The unknown must have to be made known.

  4. First, it was the question of sameness of medicine. Now was the idea of a single basis of all types of all types of cancer. The scientists of D.S. Research Centre had long ago proclaimed that cancer, in reality, was a single disease. The talk of many types was an illusion that should be dispelled. Because of this blunder the efforts of treatment also strayed into illogical directions. The very basis of this illusion and blunder has now been destroyed by the successful treatment of all types of cancer by a single medicine. It has now become clear that cancer is just one single disease, whatever may be its location.

  6. Till date, medical science has been limited to treatment of the body. The known system is to study the body chemistry of the patient and bring it back to the original by administering various types of medicine. A long queue could be made of the result of physical treatment. We are associated with such results. But a long queue could not just establish a tradition or a system. Here lies the confusion of likeness. Continuity is never the nature of physical treatment. On the other hand, the D.S. Research Centre scientists have brought the science of treatment to a different plank. This era is the era of treating the disease and its very nature is unhindered continuity. 'Sarvapisti' has shown this as the medicine for cancer.

  8. The disease-treatment (as is called by D.S. Research Centre) does not require the patient to come to take medicine; the medicine itself reaches the patient (i.e. the medicine; is sent to patients). In physical treatment the patient has to be brought to the hospital or clinic where the medicine waits for him (i.e. where the medicine is served). When 'Sarvapisti' was under research, the medicine was sent to the patients and not the otherwise. The patients had their medicine at home to take. The objective of disease-treatment is to eradicate the disease where as the objective of physical treatment is to bring back the original equation of the body. This is temporary because the medicine cannot touch the disease itself. The disease remains inside the body and time and again harms the body. Every time this happens, physical treatment, as long as it can, brings back the system to normalcy. But disease-treatment completely roots out the disease and the body chemistry is permanently made regular.
    Nobody will oppose the idea that the medicine under research and investigations has miles to go to obtain strength and acceptability. The inferences about nutrient energy have to be made clearer and still many new branches and sub-branches have to be opened out. It is now only the germination of a positive science. The future possibilities have to be scrutinized. Now it is time for its explosion and expansion. It is expected of the human conscience and consciousness, now caught in a crisis of health, to instil life in this through a dynamic pocess.


Research on 'Sarvapisti' is still continuing and as time passes by, many people are being cured of cancer. It is now clear that the chain of continuity will remain unbroken.

In the sphere of science nothing can be established by stretching a point, nor a structure without a solid foundation can survive. The results are put on the weighing balance of investigations and researches again and again and evaluated neutrally. Here also the observations are appraised with strict impartiality. Still, there can be mistakes on two counts. The first one is about the D.S. Research Centre's scientists who are engaged in the research work and the second is about those who evaluate or appraise the results. The scientists are also sensitive human beings and all endeavours connected with treatment are directly connected with human feelings. More over, cancer is the most dangerous of all fears. It can, therefore, in all probability, so happen that the scientists may over blow a small success. In scientific world such mistakes did often take place, which had to be given proper shape later on. Those, who bear the responsibility of appraising the results of scientific research, also face a difficult task. Cancer, so far, has not given any credence to all scientific endeavours - has rather thrown them into bins. For long man has been caught in the whirlpool of musculature of keeping a low profile in his efforts to move in new areas. This musculature of looking at everything new with scepticism and pessimism obscures his conscience. Cancer is not only killing lakhs of people, but is also nipping lakhs of efforts in the bud and that is disappointing. One afraid that because of this disappointment the achievement may be ignored. What then? An epoch-making success may slip off the hands. Who knows if time will ever provide another opportunity to set right the blunder. So, alertness is required here also.

The presence of successful reports of cancer treatment amply proves that the thinking of the scientists of D.S. Research Centre was highly scientific. Sitting on the height of these realizations, the following information can be accepted :

  1. Cancer is no more incurable, its hands are crashing.

  2. Cancer cells and cancer tumour are not themselves cancer. They are rather products of the disease of cancer. Cancer's cells are living cells and they multiply themselves. Therefore, along with cancer their treatment is also required. The products of other diseases do not increase on their own.
  3. Metabolic defects produce and nourish cancer cells. In reality, excessive defect in metabolism is cancer.

  4. Cancer and birth and proliferation of its cells can be controlled by stopping the straying of digestive organs. It can thus be concluded that this is the only scientific way to treat and prevent cancer. The scientists of D.S. Research Centre made it clear long ago that cure and prevention of cancer are two points on the same path. The medicine that cannot prevent occurrence of a disease can never be the cure for that disease. Science could not offer any successful medicine till now because of the absence of any positive thinking to find preventives.

  5. Drug and poison by nature activate metabolic defects, so can set up the base for other diseases and cannot mitigate them. This is applicable in case of cancer also.

  6. The only medicine to mitigate or prevent birth of metabolic defect and its expansion is available in the nutrient energy inherent in the natural food of human beings. So, the medium of medicine for treatment or prevention of diseases can be edibles only. When the creator of other diseases gets nourishment by these defects, then these defects are nothing but cancer.

  7. The ways to identify the reasons and creators of cancer are clear. Those, which affect the digestive organs, lay the base for cancer.

  8. The edible, which itself get affected by chemical reaction or for some other reasons, may be included in the list of nutrient-carrying edibles but they work as spur to increase the defects.
Scientific Journey of Sarvapisti
The continuity of success reports of 'Sarvapisti' as cure for cancer has been placed before you. more
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At initial stages people were in a fix to sees the unprecedented success in rooting out cancer. more
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