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Living life in a constant fear of being attacked by the scorpion of death is no more a way of live. A strong light of hope has come over to vanquish the unworldly disease and in that shimmering light even the darkness of its shadow loses its existence. A new dawn has arrived. Come Let's defeat all that is dark and move towards the light that is awaiting for us.
CA. Breast - Metastasis Bone
Gurusharan Kaur Sodhi, 45 Years
C/o. Shri B.S. Sodhi
15/2 A, Rammohun Dutta Road
Kolkata - 700020
Tests and previous treatment :
Calcutta Command Hospital, Discharge slip No. A 38E/C-99, dated 05.02.90.(Reference-431).
The reports of tests and examinations done in hospitals or under doctors are certainly significant, but there are some dangerous diseases in which the expressions of the patients or their relatives and guardians are given more importance. Cancer is one such disease. Let us see what Shri B.S. Sodhi has to say about the case of his wife, shrimati Gurusharan Kaur Sodhi. He wrote in a detailed report to D.S. Research Centre on 19.03.96. "My wife Gurusharan had cancer on the right breast in 1990. She was operated upon at Command Hospital, Calcutta, and her right breast was totally removed. As there was no arrangement for treatment of cancer in the military hospital we were referred to Chittaranjan Cancer Hospital in Calcutta, where my wife was given a medicine, named 'tomexofan'." Cancer spreads in the body like wild fire under the adverse impact of chemopathic drugs. It so happened in the case of Shrimati Sodhi. Shri Sodhi wrote that as 1994 approached his wife's cancer spread to the bones.
'In October, 1994, Shrimati Sodhi felt acute pain in the backbone. Bone scanning was done at Thakurpukur Cancer Hospital on 30.10.94 and this revealed that cancer had taken the backbone in its grip."
During this time Shri Sodhi came to know about D.S. Research Centre and how his wife, with the help of 'Sarvapisti' flew her flag of victory over cancer is now history. Shri sodhi wrote more about this victory march : "Fortunately, I came to know about D.S. Research Centre through 'Maya' magazine. One of my friends contacted the Varanasi office of the centre and they gave us the address of the Calcutta unit."
'Sarvapisti' from 22.11.94 :Within four weeks some sort of relief was felt by the patient. The medicine was still continuing (at the time of writing). Now the medicine was being given on every alternate day. Shri Sodhi ended the letter with these words : " By God's grace and because of the effective and positive qualities of your medicine my wife is now hale and hearty and is also doing normal household work. I fervently pray to God may He bestow more qualities on this medicine so that the suffering humanity may benefit more. X-ray was done on 28.11.95 and everything was fine and all right". (Reference-432) (Reference-433).
Shrimati Gurusharan Kaur Sodhi was also examined at Chittaranjan Cancer Hospital on 06.05.95 and there also the report was good and Shrimati Sodhi was declared completely cured. (Shri Sodhi's letter dated 09.05.95 (Reference-434).
On 06.10.97, Shri B.S. Sodhi wrote a letter to the Centre : "Received your letter. Thank you very much for remembering us. Gurusharan Kaur is now perfectly all right. Health is fine. Still taking your medicine, of course, once in a week". (Reference-435).
For quick growth of their beef cattle, the meat traders of London gave them such high protein-rich feed as did not sit well with their nature. The cattle certainly became fat and fleshy and profitable for the traders but the basic nature of these herbivorous animals was ruined. Consequently, they became mad and their flesh and milk turned poisonous. Thousands of such animals had to be destroyed.
Today various nutritious food packets galore in the market. The knowledgeable of the whole world feel alarmed by this. They apprehend if, while preparing these nutrious edibles, proper care is not taken about human nature and only the material value of the products are considered would not that gradually ruin the basic nature of human beings! They have appealed to the scientists to take care of this problem so that the health of mankind does not become a victim of business like that of medicines.
The artificial sleep following taking of drug-medicine is, in fact, a halting place on way to death. The dose of the drug decides the time limit of this camp. The more the strength of the dose, the deeper the sleep. And a heavy dose may even mean death.
When natural sleep is the characteristic of life, artificial sleep is invitation to death.
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